Thursday, 25 November 2010

All Walks Project- with Caryn Franklin

Today was a very eye opening and inspiring day; Caryn Franklin, former editor of ID magazine, host of the Clothes Show Live and all round Fashionista gave a talk on the project she is working on called All Walks Beyond The Catwalk, which is a project based on embracing all shapes, sizes, races and ages within the Fashion Industry, founded by herself, Erin O'Connor and Debra Bourne.
I was excited to attend this talk, as I am basing my dissertation around the evolution of the female form over the years, so this was very interesting and inspiring for me! At first, I thought the project was going to be about completely discarding the 'Size Zero' from the catwalk and to campaign about using 'Real Women'...which personally I don't believe in as being quite naturally petite myself- I find this rather discriminating (although I am a healthy size 8 I should add!)
However..this was not the case...Caryn explained that the project's aim is to incorporate all types of women- all diversities, rather than replacing one idealised body shape with another; which I am a great believer of and think this is an amazing project and I think it will be truly succesful! Caryn Franklin was such a lovely lady and I felt extremely priviledged to have met her and heard her views. 

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 We were given the question, 'What does the body mean to you' and asked to write our answers on a large piece of canvas, which shall be exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery in February next year, as part of a collaboration from designers, models and photographers involved in the promotion of All Walks.

Here are a few examples

♥ Your Body!! 
 One of my messages

One of my favourites! 

By my good friend Rakhee Tailor x 

Another one of mine... 

The lovely Caryn Franklin and I

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