Thursday, 16 December 2010

Post Apocalypse Shoot

So I finally managed to do my photo shoot! And it was a great success! My model was amazing and didn't complain once about the 8 outfit changes in the bitter December weather! Absolute Star. You can follow her here at takemetozenith.

The shoot is for my pitch to be chosen as stylist for 3rd floor magazine - the fashion department's independent annual magazine at Southampton Solent University.
My theme was mostly based around a post apocalypse era... thinking about the idea of salvage..restoration..a broken civilisaton..

I was inspired by a wide variety of things..firstly I started looking into every thing weird and wonderful, mysterious and 'other wordly'..this included everything from dreams, delirium, hypnotism, insomnia, de ja vu, surrealism, the supernatural, spirits, superstition, lucky charms, old wives tales and gypsy and folklore, travellers, Greek mythology, mermaids, sirens, druids and paganism, religion, utopia, paradise....yes..rather a lot to take in there! So to add even more mind boggling I decided it wasn't enough...this had all been done before, so I wanted to contrast these notions with a twist..this is where I was inspired by (weirdly) the film 'Predators'- which my boyfriend had made me watch a few weeks previously!!

I was intrigued by the idea of another being and the element of control and dictatorship from them..this lead me onto sci-fi/ futuristic thinking..where I was inspired by 'War of the Worlds' and other films of the like.
I had already began thinking about some bizarre props that I wanted to use..which is what lead me onto an apocalypse idea: the use of these props to convey a feeling of salvaging what is left after the breakdown of civilisation, and being forced to return to old ways, such as remedies, lotions & potions etc...and mixing this with a slightly futuristic feel to create a bizarre, surreal, eerie, dreamlike quality! PHEW!!

I looked at films such as 'Mad Max' and 'Resident Evil' to get some inspiration for my styling and also looked at George Orwell's '1984' and 'A Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley', which also added a surveillance..'watching' factor to my inspiration!
So after all that, here are my moodboards and a sneaky peak at a few images from my shoot- they will all be uploaded to my website....when it is finished (hopefully soon!) Enjoy x

A few (!) from my shoot...

beaded bolero: vintage, navy mesh tunic: charity shop, mystic patterned skirt: vintage, gold medallion pendant: stylist's own, lace up army boots: primark, headpiece: stylist's own.

 black creased leather waistcoat: topshop, grey leatherette pannelled trousers: topshop, geometric sheer shirt: charity shop, single silver chain earring & silver cuff: mua's own, black studded cuff: punky fish, caged heels: primark

metallic silver leather jacket: stylist's own, burgundy velvet dress: vintage, agate necklace: topshop, rings and earrings: vintage and stylist's own

 velvet tunic: primark, velvet leggings: next, feather bolero: next, wrist pads: stylist's own, rings: stylist's own

 silver headband: stylist's own, charcoal corset zip top: topshop, black velvet dress: vintage, lace up army boots: primark

 grey mix cobweb chiffon top: next, pewter shiny leggings: charity shop, knee pads: stylist's own, black studded knuckle covers: next

black leather jacket: stylist's own, geometric maxi dress: primark, flying goggles: vintage, ram head necklace and egg timer pendant: both topshop

Hair & Makeup: Yasemin Bilgic
Model: Stephanie Tanner
Stylist: Maddie Potter
Photographer: Maddie Potter

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To view my development on this project and the final magazine spreads, click here