Friday, 4 February 2011

Brides Shoot Assistance

My previous post just made me realise I am yet to post anything regarding the work experience I did with Polly a few weeks prior to this on a photo shoot! Of course I thoroughly enjoyed this too, the shoot was located in a beautiful town house on St Georges Road in London, with immaculate white washed walls and flooring with a vintage and idyllic setting. I managed to get just a few snapshots of some of the work in progress and shall post the editorial once it comes out in the May/June issue!

The florists work in progress

Beautiful garland made of gyp

Stunning bouquet 

Amazing cocktails with spun sugar on top!!

My lovely pink & polka dotted heart biscuit which Polly so sweetly gave to me as a thank you :)

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  1. i love weddings!!
    i love everything about them! the clothes the decoration...aaawh i just love it!

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