Sunday, 6 February 2011

When I grow up...

I was compiling some mood boards the other day as I had a sudden jolt of inspiration all to do with memories, specifically childhood memories. It lead me onto thinking what I remember as a child, the stories I learned, the films I watched, toys played with and sayings and phrases which were reeled off when you're young. I thought of how I used to play dress up and put on mini shows on playdates and creating outfits and scenarios with my countless barbies and endless amount of beautiful miniature clothes for them - which has only just dawned on me, is most probably where my love of clothes, styling and drama have arisen from, bearing in mind I started doing this from about the age of 4, it has obviously been a burning passion within me from a very early age!

I also thought about some of my favourite childhood films: Black Beauty, The Little Princess, Fairytale, The Secret Garden and Andre were just a few (which all made me cry and probably still would today!)- a true girly girl which has appeared to also stay with me after all these years! I remember my favourite doll, Annabelle whom I insisted on taking everywhere, along with her many outfit changes tucked away in beautiful turquoise toy suitcases my mother bought for me in France when I was very young. How I loved that doll; I must delve into the attic when I am next home to look at her again! 

Another thing that sticks out in my mind from my childhood, were the Enid Blyton books my mother used to read to me; I had a collection on a shelf and at the time I was clearly too young to appreciate the beauty and authenticity of them- but looking back now they were lovely, quaint, old fashioned books, which I would love to get my hands on now due to my love affair with all things vintage! Which...makes me realise where I got this from; my mother would take me round antique markets, bootsales, and vintage stalls searching for old fashioned beauties- namely French postcards! At the time, I would moan and would long to be relieved from my boredom...but now I can't get enough of it all! I thank my mother for opening my eyes to the beauty of vintage trinkets and imagery now!

The place that defines my childhood holidays is a little village called Northam in Bideford, Devon. We would go there most summer holidays to visit my Grandparents (still do now) and I loved to visit the local beach- Westward Ho! play on the 2p slot machines and eat vast amounts of Hockings icecream, which can only be described as the BEST icecream around!! Oh to be young and carefree again without a single worry in the world!
The Little Princess: such a beautiful and emotional film

The Secret Garden: another beautiful, profound movie
Faiytale: utterly enjoyable and totally fantastical!

Wish I had kept these books...
All this reminiscing has brought on a strong sense of nostalgia and I'm beginning to become very inspired to create a shoot relating to all these things...some Victorian inspired styling perhaps...

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